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Questionnaire A: Human resource example

This questionnaire is designed to capture your good ILS reporting examples in the subject area of human resources. Your examples will be collected and you will be contacted on a decision to include them in this website. Your detailed responses to the questionnaire will help us understand why the examples you are offering are of "good" practice.

On clicking the "Submit" button below, your examples will be sent to the organizers of this website for consideration.

Thank you again for sharing your ideas, experiences and practices.

Please tell us who you are and how we can contact you. This information remains confidential and is only requested to understand the context from which the examples come and to contact you.

Please provide us with general information about how responsibility for handling matters related to international labour standards is arranged in your workplace.
Subject A: Human resources
In this section we would like to learn about how human resources are applied in handling matters related to international labour standards.
Please say below what steps, if any, are taken to assure that human resources are sufficient, in terms of quantity (numbers of people or time for the work) and quality (skills and knowledge), to deal with ILS matters.
Please say below if any steps are taken to improve the skills of persons not immediately responsible for formulating ILS-related reports, responses, etc.
Please say below what training on ILS you have actually had. Please specify date, place and content.
Please say below if there are there any issues (problems/challenges) in the human resources domain. Please say also what, if any, solutions have been found.
Please say below if particular efforts are made to motivate the human resources available to do the best possible job. If so, what are they?
Please say below if ILS performance of the human resource is judged.
If a digital file will help us better understand your good example, please add it here.