Reporting on International Labour Standards (ILS) is an obligation for member States set down in the ILO Constitution.

Many different resources are gathered together by national administrations in order to prepare reports. Human resources, information from government ministries, employers’ and workers’ organizations, and material resources all need to be brought together and managed to produce informative and responsive reports and to deliver them on time.

This website looks at ILS reporting in terms of managing all resources needed to produce and communicate them. It collects and distributes examples of good practices contributed by ILO constituents in the hope that these shared national examples will inspire improvement of practices elsewhere. The website also provides tools, a helpdesk and various information resources.

The website is divided into four sections which are described below.


This website has been conceived and developed by the International Labour Standards, Rights at Work and Gender Equality Programme of the International Training Centre of the ILO (ITCILO), which is also administering it, in collaboration with the International Labour Standards Department of the ILO.

The ITCILO yearly offers training courses to the ILO constituents on ILS and reporting obligations. Furthermore, the ITCILO implements tailor-made courses which aim to share practices and tools in order to better manage ILS reporting in the future, following the approach proposed in this website. For any requests for training in this area, please contact: ils@itcilo.org


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