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Use unrelated gatherings as a means of tapping the attention of social partners

In Peru, social partners are intercepted and involvement solicited.

In Peru, it has been reported that when there are difficulties in securing the attention and involvement of the social partners in matters related to ILS reporting, their representatives can be “intercepted” at other official or business gatherings and involvement personally solicited.

Manage reporting in terms of steps

In Peru, the established procedure sees completion of reporting in terms of 4 steps.

A chronology of 4 steps has been set out in Peru, as a way of managing reporting tasks on ratified Conventions.

Step 1 – Communicate observations to trade unions, business associations and government agencies.

  • Transmission: beginning of April.
  • Deadline for replying: beginning of May.

Step 2 – Prepare and present the draft reports by those responsible.

  • Deadline for completing work: first days of June.

Step 3 – Solicit tripartite opinions on the drafts.

  • Deadline to submit the draft reports to the trade unions, business associations and government agencies: first days of June.
  • Deadline for filing comments and/or remarks: first days of July.

Step 4 – Prepare the final version of reports and submit them to the ILO in Geneva.

  • Presentation of the final draft of the reports: 1 August.
  • Final review of drafts: 10 August.
  • Send to ILO: 15 August.