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Involve very high level officials

In Tajikistan, very high level officials are invited to ILS-related events.

In Tajikistan, key representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, President’s Office, Parliament and legislative centres and the President are invited to ILS-related events, whether related to reporting or not. This is done to help assure that they are fully aware about ILS principles and sufficiently knowledgeable to provide support when it is needed. It is also useful to use Minister to Minister contact in  promoting ILS-related matters. This can all be helpful in managing reporting.

Use specialists’ visit

In Tajikistan, the social partners are briefed when the ILS specialist from DWT/CO Office visits.

In Tajikistan, it is reported that when the ILO specialist on ILS visits the country, meetings are arranged for briefing tripartite partners on improving the quality of reports on ILS application.

In addition to briefing government officials, ILS specialists can brief and train the social partners in reporting processes. This may improve their responsiveness as well as the quality of their involvement in ILS reporting.

Have an assistant

In Tajikistan, an assistant supports report preparation.

In Tajikistan, an assistant supports the preparation of reports, in addition to 1 person working full time on ILS matters when reports are due.

Associating an assistant in the preparation of reports may be both a simple and effective method for expediting reporting processes and spreading knowledge of those processes. Although responsibility for the report-making may rest in one official, having another official – perhaps newer to the relevant department or maybe in a clerical position – work in the process strengthens the ability of the overall service to meet reporting obligations even as available human resources may change.