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Make a consolidated report on matters for follow up

In Macau, those responsible for ILS reporting make a report on matters that need follow up after reporting is completed.

In Macau, a report is prepared consolidating all matters that need to be followed up on after ILS reporting has been completed. The report is made by the official preparing reports, and is presented to the head of the Department. The idea is to clearly point out in one place all the matters that need follow up.

Keep abreast of new additions to the ILO’s website

In Macau, staffers are kept aware of new additions to the ILO’s website.

In Macau, the head of the ILS-responsible Department systematically lets staff know of new information placed on the ILO’s website ( This has good results for strengthening knowledge of ILS developments within the ILO. It also makes it possible to keep up on training offerings that might be beneficial to ILS-responsible colleagues.