Commentary on report forms for ratified Conventions


The article 22 report forms approved by the Governing Body for each Convention aim at ensuring that the supervisory bodies receive relevant and complete information on how the Conventions at issue are applied, in law and in practice, in a country. They are specific to each Convention, but follow a similar structure. In addition to a request to provide detailed information on the application of each of the provisions of the Convention and related additional requests for information, the report forms all include a set of general questions marked in bold type font.

These general questions reflect quite a number of variations both in substance and in form but, by and large, they address a limited number of similar issues.


This commentary on the structure of the report form and on the general questions included in it is intended to assist national administrations in the preparation of article 22 reports.

For further guidance regarding the reporting procedures, please refer to the Handbook of procedures, in particular Chapter IV. The report forms approved by the Governing Body for each Convention are available in NORMLEX.

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