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Terms and jargon associated with reporting on international labour standards.

See "Observations and direct requests".
 Commission of Inquiry
A Commission of Inquiry may be set up following a complaint based on article 26 of the ILO Constitution. It is the ILO's highest-level investigative procedure. It is generally set up when a member State is accused of committing persistent and serious violations and has repeatedly refused to address them.
 Committee of Experts on the Application of Conventions and Recommendations [Committee of Experts or CEACR]
The Committee of Experts or CEACR was set up in 1926 to examine the growing number of government reports on ratified Conventions. It is composed of 20 eminent jurists appointed by the Governing Body for three-year terms. The members of the Committee come from different geographic regions, legal systems and cultures. The role of the Committee of Experts is to provide an impartial and technical evaluation of the state of application of international labour standards. It holds it sessions in November/December each year and reports to the International Labour Conference in June the subsequent year.
The complaints procedure is governed by articles 26 to 29 and 31 to 34 of the ILO Constitution. Under these provisions a complaint may be filed against a member State for not complying with a ratified Convention by another member State which ratified the same Convention, a delegate to the International Labour Conference, or the Governing Body in its own capacity. Upon receipt of a complaint, the Governing Body may form a Commission of Inquiry consisting of three independent members, which is responsible for carrying out a full investigation of the complaint.
 Conference Committee on the Application of Standards [Conference Committee or CAS]
Full title: International Labour Conference's Tripartite Committee on the Application of Conventions and Recommendations. Often simply referred to as the Conference Committee on the Application of Standards or just the Conference Committee. It is a standing committee of the International Labour Conference, made up of government, employer and worker members. It receives and examines the annual report of the Committee of Experts. Governments referred to in comments by the Committee of Experts may be invited to respond before the Conference Committee and to provide information on the situation in question. In many cases the Conference Committee draws up conclusions recommending that governments take specific steps to remedy a problem or to invite ILO missions or technical assistance. The discussions and conclusions of the situations examined by the Conference Committee are published in its report. Situations of special concern are highlighted in special paragraphs of its General Report.
International treaties which, once adopted by the International Labour Conference, are open to ratification. By ratifying them, member States formally undertake to give effect to their provisions and to periodically report to the ILO on steps being taken in this regard.
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