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Terms and jargon associated with reporting on international labour standards.

 Detailed reports
Detailed reports should be made in accordance with the report forms established by the Governing Body for each Convention adopted by the International Labour Conference. Detailed reports are due and should be sent in three instances: (1) when a first report is due after the ratification of a Convention; (2) if a detailed report is specifically requested by the Committee of Experts or the Conference Committee (the Committee of Experts requests detailed reports by means of a footnote in an observation or direct request and the Conference Committee when adopting its conclusions); or (3) at the initiative of the government, if there are major changes in the application of a ratified Convention, for instance if new major legislation has been adopted.
 Direct requests
See "Observations and direct requests".
 Double footnote
A decision by the Committee of Experts to request a government to provide full particulars to the International Labour Conference and to provide an out of cycle report contained in a footnote to an observation. Such cases are listed separately in the General Report of the Committee of Experts. Other cases in the report may be selected. The decision of which cases will be selected to provide full particulars at the Conference Committee on the Application of Standards a particular year is taken by the employers' and workers' groups. They may select any of the cases in the Committee's report and will take the Committee's selected proposals into account.
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