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Terms and jargon associated with reporting on international labour standards.

 Observations and direct requests
When examining the application of international labour standards the Committee of Experts makes two kinds of comments: observations and direct requests. Observations contain comments on fundamental questions raised by the application of a particular Convention ratified by a State. These observations are published in the Committee's annual report. Direct requests relate to more technical questions or requests for further information. They are not published in the report but are communicated directly to the governments concerned. Both direct requests and observations are accessible in NORMLEX.
 Out of cycle reports
Reports requested earlier than would have been the case if the reporting cycle would have been respected.
A failure to submit a report the year when it is due and a failure to respond to comments of the supervisory bodies automatically result in a request for an out of cycle report the following year. Out of cycle reports can also be requested by the Committee of Experts in a single footnote or by the Conference Committee in the conclusions.
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