Recognize value of a management system

Ms. Celeste M. Valderrama, Director, International Labor Affairs Bureau, Department of Labor and Employment, Philippines, discusses the importance of managing reporting processes (December, 2011).

What can be said about management of reporting?

“In this case, the management system is really important in doing this function. If you have an efficient system, if you have clear procedures and mandate and objectives [laugh] and it is clear to your people, you are able to get the information that you need. I think if you really think about it, monitoring work is a management function. The only difference is the appreciation of its value, what is the report for and if people in the management that can appreciate that, can understand that, then even the quantity and the quality of the reports will be able to meet that kind of requirement. My observation is that a person who has been involved, who has an extensive exposure is able to focus the report on what matters. I think our people can ably do their job because number one they are knowledgeable about the requirements, they are also aware of the implication if they don’t comply,[laugh] and then of course the Department has an appreciation that our commitment will not only be down to our productivity here in the Philippines but for people working overseas.”

Special thanks go to the Honorable Secretary of Labor and Employment of the Philippines, and the Director and staff of the International Labor Affairs Bureau of the Department of Labor of the Philippines for their generous cooperation in the production of this video.