ILO action

  • The Office sends individual requests for reports to each government together with copies of the Committee of Experts comments on which a reply is due the current year.
  • The Office sends a second individual communication to each government with information on reports and replies to comments due later years.

Action by national administrations

  • Governments receive individual requests for reports due and copies of Committee of Experts comments on which a reply is due the current year.
  • Governments receive copies of comments on which a reply is due the subsequent years.

Action by social partners

    Did you submit any observations on the application of ratified Conventions before the previous session of the Committee of Experts?

    Comments received from national or international employers' or workers' organizations normally trigger an out-of-cycle report. If this is the case, the Committee of Experts decisions are contained in simple footnotes to comments. Such decisions will always include the year governments have to take action. The action required can be of two kinds.
    (1) The Committee of Experts decision may only be to request a detailed reply to comments it has made. In that case, governments have to prepare a report for the year indicated and include a full reply to the questions raised in the observation or direct request.
    (2) The Committee of Experts may, however, also decide to request governments to submit a detailed report. In that case governments must prepare a response to all questions in the report form in the same way as first reports are prepared. Reports should always also include a reply to comments by the Committee of Experts.
    Reminder: You are well advised to follow-up on the comments by the Committee of Experts on the observations you have made in order to prepare for any consultations with your Government.

    No specific action required in this regard.

    Are there any double footnotes to any of the observations by the Committee of Experts?

    Double footnotes contain a decision by the Committee of Experts that the government should be requested to provide full particulars to the Conference the current year on the application of the Convention in question. This means that the government may be called to respond orally on questions regarding the case in question before the Conference Committee. Employers’ and workers’ organizations should prepare for the Conference Committee discussion.

    No specific action is called for during the International Labour Conference in this respect.

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